Louis Polak

Chapman Graduate Film About the Effects of Bullying Comes to Cambria California


ORANGE, CA – On Oct 25 an international crew of student filmmakers from Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film begin production in Cambria Calif. on a film that breaks open the lines of dialog on issues directly related to bullying and the people it effects, a date that happily coincides with the Pacer Center’s “National Bully Prevention Month.”


“The Dead Kid” is a short film, about a small town, with a small problem, but it is meant to be illustrative of something larger,” says director Gregory Goyins.


“The Dead Kid,” is a Graduate thesis project produced by Furkan Yesilnur and directed by Gregory Goyins, based on an original short story by Gillian King. The film follows the life of Annie Baxter who, at the height of the Atlanta Child Murders in 1980, witnesses a young boy’s torment and his eventual disappearance as suspicions surround a pair of bullies and the reclusive proprietor of the city’s dump.


Goyins chose the location due to its likeness to a small southern town and its picturesque cinematic views. The remoteness of Cambria does present a range of challenges for the films production, but since the location was announced, the amount of support from the Cambrian community has confirmed the decision.


“We knew it would be a challenge going in, making the support of the Cambrian residents so important to the success of the film. So far everyone have exceeded our expectations and we are extremely excited to begin filming,” says Goyins.


Film is uniquely qualified to deliver powerful messages by touching on a person's innermost social conscious, often causing them to change their behaviors, and the student filmmakers’ vision is to use this project to initiate such discourse on issues of tolerance, race, and community as they relate to bullying, according to Goyins.


Other key crew members include, Tansy Simpson as Cinematographer, Andres De La Torre as Editor, Abra Brayman as Art Director, and Jacob Boyett as Production Designer.


The film is scheduled for completion March 2013 and will be screened at the Folino Theatre in Orange, California on a date yet to be determined.